Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kick-Off Cocktails & DIY Flowers

Wedding Calla Lily Collections

Three years ago, our son Ryan married beautiful Jenny.  This year, our son Kevin will marry lovely Jessica on July 10, 2010.  To say I became obsessed with wedding planning, receptions, flowers, centerpieces, love songs and all-things-wedding related, would be an understatement.  I OBSESSED, spent thousands of hours searching the internet for ideas, music, dresses and more. If the site had wedding somewhere on it, I searched it.  I have gleamed a lot of information, so  I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas and discoveries, starting with the Cocktail Hour & Flowers. 

Wedding Cocktail Hourchampagne for a wedding

The party "kick-off!"  This is the hour following the ceremony  so that the photographer can take the formal wedding party shots and the guests can mingle, reuniting with family and friends.  This can be a formal pass the hors d'œuvres, cocktails, wine, champagne or a casual mingling with informal stations of drinks, tapas or picnic style snacks (cheeses, veggies, deviled eggs, and stuffed mushrooms) .

I like the idea of passing a signature cocktail that represents the couple. See Signature Drinks Add a Twist to your Big Day with Wedding Signature Drinks.
Pinks and Purples

Good website with Cocktail Ideas from Stylish Wedding Ideas

I also like the idea of collecting vintage punch cups to be filled at champagne fountains. I bet you have a box of punch cups collecting dust in your aunt's garage!
Costco Wedding Flowers
(who knew?) Do-it-Yourself Wedding Kits by Space FloralBulk Centerpieces 6-pack White Rose Collection
Wedding Calla Lily Collections

 All of these packages are under $1000!

Centerpieces could be purchased at Home Depot - $21 for these!

Use live plants that you pot yourself in boxes or various containers - think outside the POT!
These were sent to me in a wooden box, simply tied with green ribbon.  How easy would that be to make?  Project!

Use dogwood or manzanita branches for DRAMA!

Create your own Centerpieces
Sav-on-Crafts is a terrific site selling amazing crafts supplies but also with basic flower arranging lessons

Purchase vases online at the Dollar Tree or at one of the many dollar storesGlass Cylinder Vases, 9

Round Glass Floral Bowls
Plan to visit a big city flower mart two days before the wedding and arrange the flowers in the vases using some of these tips for Flower Arranging. There aren't many sites that offer tips on flower arranging but I found this one to be helpful for simple and more ornate arrangements, using simple techniques and tools.

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