Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cabin Bathroom Remodel

After 30 years of hating the wallpaper in the family cabin, we finally bucked up and tackled the job.  And when I say "we," I mean my husband did the work, and I planned, shopped, and took pictures.  Exhausting work.

The cabin is in Crestline, California, near Lake Gregory, called Dogwood Dell because it is surrounded by beautiful dogwoods and redwoods.  My mom has always kept it rustic and simple, a wonderful retreat for all the grandchildren to enjoy.
We've made changes here and there, replacing the furniture, carpet, and updating kitchen, but no one wanted to deal with the ugly, flowered wallpaper in the two bathrooms downstairs.
 The wall paper was put up directly on plywood, so it seemed someone was going to have to drywall, cutting strange size pieces that would have to be pieced together.  The wallpaper was yellowing and coming up around the edges.  Something needed to be done.  At first I thought about putting up beadboard for a Nantucket look that matched the pine paneling inside the rest of the cabin, but after looking into it, the cost seemed too much.
101708beadboard-01.jpgThen I happened on a website that showed Martha Steward Beadboard Wallpaper, designed to cover bumpy and uneven walls.  After researching different brands, I found that had great reviews, and ordered it from Home Deport at $19 a roll.  We ended up using 6 rolls, painted over it with a warm honey beige color, decorated with Target Rustic Northern Exposure bath collection, and are delighted with the results! I highly recommend the paper solution for a low-cost, high effect remodel.

Here is a look at the journey:
 Hideous paper and pink tile.  Oh my.  What to do?

 Removed the medicine chest.  Can you see yellowing paper, directly adhering to plywood.

 Removed the hardware.

 Looking good!

Tried to find bath accessories that would tie in the pink tile, but couldn't find anything we liked until I found Target Norther Exposure shower curtain and towels that used a burgundy accent that I thought would be ok with the pink tile.  Who would put pink tile in a rustic cabin?  Must have been on sale.
Target - great sale - shower curtain marked down from $29 to $8.24!  Bought an extra shower curtain to make window curtains for the two baths.  Paint a light honey beige because we didn't want it too dark since the space is small.
Rehung the hardware and added the towels.

I spray painted all the shelves in both baths with a rich brown.  Although some were metal and another wood, they all came out great, and for only a few dollars.

Much improved!


  1. Wow is all I can think of! This is great, what a transformation! The accesories you picked are just perfect too.

  2. I must say that the bathroom looks better after the remodeling. Although I like the wallpaper of the former design, the new one looks better. It made the bathroom look brighter and immaculate. And the combination of white wallpaper and patterned curtains and rugs gives the space an interesting contrast.

  3. The transformation from plain to vibrant was remarkable! If I were to redecorate our bathroom, I’d choose either a blue wallpaper or aqua paint to create a peaceful mood. By the way, the design on your curtain and towels, are those reindeers?


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