Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter White or Plaid?

Four days to Christmas and I can't decide if my table should be the plaid I've been into this year (and have set-up and used a couple of times), or a Winter White that I've been dreaming about creating.  Please help me decide!

At 12:30 today, I stopped by Ralphs with visions of white hydrangea's dancing in my head.  What else would they have to fill my silver champagne bucket and thus get the Winter White table started.

Score! And so a new table was born.  It isn't complete, and little carelessly put together in one half an hour.  But I think I like it.  Please help me decide.  Winter White or Old-Fashion Plaid?

 String of silver bells that didn't make "the cut" this year and languished in the ornament box. 
 Added baby's breath to the hydrangea's (needed to get two bouquets).  On Christmas day, I'll add fresh flowers or greenery to fill it out more.
Hammered Aluminum lazy susan, from a collection gone mad.  My mom calls it the "poor person's silver."  I love the handcrafted feel of each piece.

 Magnolia branches dry beautifully and seem just right for Christmas.
 Lots of votives for sparkle on the mirror.

 The long mirror came from my hallway.  Don't you love shopping in the house?

 Pope Gosser Rose Point and Silverplate (need to straighten up a bit!)
Rose Point 1945, Antiquing, Ebay
Wild Orchid, Community, Ebay, Rose Bowl Flea Market
Tablecloth Irish linen, antiquing
Champagne glasses, had for years, keep in their boxes for these occassions
Champagne bucket, Goodwill 2011
Candelabra, Goodwill 2011
Magnolia branches, outdoors
String of silver bells, ornament box
Mirror, hallway

Or the traditional old-fashioned Holly Holly Plaid?

 Santa Sideboard
 I can't decide. Yesterday a young teacher stopped by and commented that his mom and I had similar decorating styles, country Santas and holiday china.  I sort of mumbled, "It must be an age thing."  Have I fallen into the "never-update-your-look" look?  The ironic thing, is this is my first year liking plaid. 
Can't make up my mind.  Please help.  I'm going to set all this aside and create a winter white table this afternoon.

Dishes Holly Holiday, Robinsons years ago
Small plates, Home Goods, 2011
Flatware, Home Goods and World Market
Nativity scenes, gifts and purchases from all over
Tablecloth, made from a remnant of fabric


  1. The Winter White is stunning! I would go with that for a change! I do love the plaid and the more relaxed look also, but for me the white takes my breath away! I love hammered aluminum and have used some in a centerpiece for a Christmas Table I'm working on. Let us know you decision!
    hugs, Linda

  2. Both great tables, but I say Christmas is a time for following your dreams ... Go with the Winter White! I agree with Linda -- it's stunning!

  3. I love the eloquence of the white setting. Either way, I am sure it will be fantastic.

  4. Winter white - very elegant.

  5. I definitely vote for the Winter White. It's gorgeous and so very elegant. I love the hydrangeas and the white candles are so perfect!

  6. Have to go with winter white! Very elegant and I love the magnolias on the mirror.

    Robin Flies South

  7. I generally go with plaid, but your winter white with the silver accents is so very elegant.

  8. I vote you do one of each: the white for Christmas Eve dinner and the plaid for Christmas Day! :-) More bang for the buck! The hydrangea and baby's breath look beautiful in the champagne bucket. You did a great job in a mere 1/2 hour! Merry Christmas!!!

  9. Both are beautiful, but I think I am in love with the white!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, CJ...

  10. I love them both.. depends on who is coming to dinner.. the hydrangeas are always so pretty. and the plaid and holly is a favorite too.. i know, no help! Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  11. No wonder you are having a hard time deciding...they are both beautiful, but the elegance of the winter white with those gorgeous plates and all of the silver gets my vote!

    Which ever you choose will be wonderful for your guests!!! Be sure to let us all know!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  12. OMG, you are giving me a big problem, lol! I cannot pick, I like both of them. They are equally so stunning! Maybe you can use both in 2 different dinners. Merry Christmas to you all! And thanks for the congratulatory note and prayers. One daughter is due today but is not in labor yet. If she does not go, she will be induced on the 27th. Prayers are really needed and much appreciated!..Christine

  13. Oh my stars CJ the white is STUNNING. It gets my vote. OK I do like the plaid too but it is much more casual. Your white takes my breath away. I can even smell the flowers. They are just beautiful!

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Unfortunately the chocolate really looks glumpy and I can see I need to change the photo out. Appreciate your comments. You are always so kind. And you know these are NOT hard to do. Just throw them in the pot. Cook em. Let dry. Sugar. Chocolate. Its kind of strung out but each step is realatively quite fast and easy. You can do this CJ. Would love to see a photo of them.

  14. Now you need to know that I can be biit bossy. Mama used to say, "Nobody likes a bossy little girl." And I would reply, "But Mama, they'll like me.". That said, I think that you should definitely go with the white elements and those glorious hydrangeas. But how about amending it all with black charger plates and a touch of plaid ribbon in your centerpiece and as napkin rings. Black chargers can be found at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each...if you have a Hobby Lobby. All white will be gorgeous, too with silver & crystal to add a touch if shine. I'm excited to see your final result. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  15. Well, I think both are very lovely. I would go with the cheerful Holly plaid for Christmas and the beautiful white for New Years! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. Oh goodness... what a decision. My Christmas table is white and red this year. I'm saving a white sparkly table for January!! So that is an option you could consider too! But BOTH of your tables are gorgeous!!! Sorry, guess I'm not much help!! ;0)

  17. Oh my goodness darling, both tables are wonderful. The white is so glamorous, rich classic and elegant. The plaid is fun and whimsical along with class..... I would love to be a guest at either table... Happy Holidays Hugs ~lynne~

  18. Both are lovely! I go back and forth during the years. Now that I have a black and white DR this year, I stayed with the B/W and added in some silver, etc. In the kitchen and the rest of the decorated areas, it is all about the red and the tartan for me -- I just love it!

  19. The shabby dinnerwares & the silver deer are to die for.

    I so love them...

    Many greetings,

  20. They're both beautiful; each in far different ways. Think it depends "who's coming for dinner".

  21. OMG! How could I decide between both beautiful tables! I love your white and elegant dishes and stunning centerpiece...but I will have to pick the red and green one for the real Holiday dinner with the family. I love your dishes and the buffet with all the Santas. Thank you for sharing. Eishing a wonderful Christmas whatever table you decide!!

  22. CJ, I love them both, but then I've always been a tartan lover. Your winter white table is gorgeous and sophisticated and the plaid is warm and have the best of both worlds. The breakfast tablescape is the first "neutral" look I've done for Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  23. Thank you all for your insights, suggestions, and encouragements. What an awesome blog community! Love and hugs! ~CJ

  24. BTW, the Winter White table won out. Details t be determined. So much work to do and so little time. But it is worth it. Special thanks to bossy girl, Cheryl Kay! You rock! ~CJ

  25. I love the white too. Both are pretty, but something about the white is very calming to me. Maybe it's because I'm so tired lately! I'm planning to do my New Year's tablescape in all white and silver!

  26. Hi CJ, thanks for stopping by... I forget the other side of the world is in the middle of winter at the moment. We are trying to harvest our crops and we have had so much rain we are getting the harvester bogged (I actually thought we might end up in China today!! LOL). We have never seen anything like this before but hopefully we will get finished tomorrow - just in time to relax and enjoy Christmas. As for the Tiffany's box I received that a couple of years ago from Mt FH and it contained a beautiful new wedding band which has 16 diamonds and encircles my whole finger!! Very spoilt! Have a lovely Christmas and keep safe.

  27. No matter which table you use, it will be just right. Maybe two meals, one for each table!

  28. Sorry I am so late getting here, it has been hectic. I saw the after and love it! Cherry Kay is too funny!
    I love the traditional table too, but what a lovely change with the white and black, and plaid, I am just crazy about it!

  29. Thanks so much for stopping my little corner of the web and leaving a comment.

    I love both your tablescapes!


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