Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Red, White, & Blue Thai

City of Calabasas hosts a spectacular fireworks show, utilizing my high school's upper baseball fields, so they graciously invite me and even provide VIP parking.  We invited a couple of great friends to join us for the show, with dinner beforehand on our deck.  Our garden, previously blogged about here, was bursting with lettuce that needed picking, and our quails are laying 20+ eggs per day, so I was delighted to come across a Thai recipe, "Quail egg salad with steamed shrimp."  The inspiration grew from there.

Always love an opportunity to use my Johnson Bros Asiatic Pheasant plates and bowls, shown here in a Ode to my mom, great schoolteacher in Fun with Dick and Jane

 July 4th needed a red, white, and blue theme, of course, so added set of red plates, and picked up celebratory flowers from market.  Tablecloth, a Tahitian wrap around skirt called a pareo, purchased in numerous colors five years ago on a glorious vacation to Tahiti. 

 Found a Johnson Brothers, Liberty Blue, ironstone plate at local Goodwill, that I used for serving appetizers Rob made, deviled quail eggs.  We have too many!
Plates for croissants, red Signature and Queens floral blue found at Marshalls for $2 each. Love a bargain.

 Heavy damask napkin found at a local estate sale. Love the weight and vintage finish of these.

Garden bursting with lettuce needing to be harvested provided the base for this Thai salad.

 Healthy Thai recipe book featured Golden baskets, simple appetizer made with spring roll sheets that are made into little baskets that can be made the day before, then filled with variety of fillings. These used ground chicken, corn, carrots, peas, red peppers, cilantro and ginger.  Yum!  Little bursts like fireworks.

 Shells before filled.
 Golden Baskets on Willow platter, gift from mom.
Hope your 4th of July celebration was filled with fireworks, fun, and friends. We are blessed to live in the United States, free to celebrate any way we choose!  So I can Thai if I want to!

Plates and bowls: Johnson Bros Asiatic Pheasant, Rose Bowl Flea Market
Bread plates: Queens from Marshalls and Signature red, Home Goods
Goblets: Cobalt blue, Dollar Store
Pitcher: Willow, made in England, gift from mom
Flatware: Home Goods
Tablecloth: Tahitian wrap around pareo, Bora Bora purchase

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I love to read your comments, and then visit your blog for more inspiration.  Can't wait to see what you're doing this summer because I'm finally on my first day of vacation.  Yippee!  Happy blogging, friends!



  1. That wrap really works great for a 4th of July tablecloth. I like it. I also like what you put on top of the cloth! Love Johnson Bros. dishes of all varieties. Quail eggs?! How great is that. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone owning quail and using their eggs for sure but as I remember Quails are the state bird of California...

  2. Oh, wow, CJ...what a wonderful burst of color on both the table AND in the food!!!! So nice to have a treasure trove of fresh lettuce and poultry right there at your fingertips! I've never tasted a quail egg before. Does it taste like a chicken's egg? You set a wonderful table that is just bursting forth like the 4th of July!!!!!! Such brilliant blues!

  3. Being a dishaholic, I, of course, loved all of your red, white & blue dishes. And the food -- I'm such a plain cook that all of those flavors must be wonderful. Thanks for inspiring me to be more adventurous! Sally

  4. I love your dishes! So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow what a great tablescape for the 4th of July!! I love the dishes! But oh my!! The food looks so delicious!!
    You did a wonderful job!


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