Monday, April 1, 2013

Carlee & Max Forever California Celebration

My lovely niece Carlee is marrying her forever love, Max, this summer in Texas.  They want a small, church wedding in Texas.  Then a few weeks later, they will come to California so that the rest of their family and friends can throw them a California Celebration in her grandmother's backyard. Carlee wants "rustic, lace, burlap, gray and pops of mustard yellow."

So here's my first draft of a table!  Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, etc.!

The runner down the middle is burlap from Home Depot.  The candle sticks are one's I had, or found in different places, then spray painted a flat white.  This vase is a vintage, metal pitcher that I have many in similar shapes. 
 I added baby's breath to the napkin rings. The baby's breath is real; the hydrangeas are silk artificial because florists tell me that they wilt outdoors.  Anyone have any experience with hydrangeas in outside arrangements?  Thoughts?

I forgot I had these chargers that brought more gray into the table. I will have to buy some more but they are easily available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby.

This is vase option #2, a vase I had spray painted flat white.  The lace surrounded the candle holders and vase is a large roll purchased in the Los Angeles garment district.  Notice this picture was before I added the chargers.

The china is Pope-Gossen Roses, silverplate Oneida (I have enough for 75 guests), and napkins from my closet (we'll rent napkins, table cloths, tables and chairs.)  Between my sister and I, we probably have enough different silver napkin rings to do all the tables, but mix and match like the candle holders.

Let me know your suggestions!

Happy Easter!


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  1. I think it is lovely! The simple plates let you add the pop of color and use a variety of napkin rings. Love the burlap, white pedestals candles and the vase. Mix and match is perfect! Great job!
    hugs, Linda

  2. This is divine! I love the touch of babys breath on the plates! Carlee will love this for sure. Just a suggestion for the name plates, i saw a small brass picture frame at the Dollar Tree (Smaller than wallet size), you can write the name or place a picture of the guest in it! I bet everything will be lovely whichever way you go. Great job!

  3. Your table is beautiful, CJ! I really like burlap mixed with the soft, creamy whites. Baby's Breath is so pretty and adds such a special touch to everything. Loved seeing this!



  4. Love your table...very pretty and soothing table for the evening.Beautiful flowers and pretty napkin can go ahead with the color combo...Have a great day...:):):)


  5. Hi ......A white table cloth would be a better choice for this arrangement..thank you.:):)

  6. This is definitely exquisite. Such lovely understated elegance. Beautifullly done. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. how ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, and perfect for her requirements. i love the napkin ring bling with the pearls.

  8. So pretty :-) I love that dragonfly napkin ring

  9. A beautifully elegant table.

  10. Hydrangeas are gorgeous on any table but since the flowers and stems contain a lot of water, they will begin to wilt within about (approx.) within a few hours. I don't know what your budget is, but if you really want hydrangeas and I cant blame you (because my yard is full of them, they're my fav) maybe you can buy them from the garden center and hide the dirt/pot with a "vase inside a vase" trick. and then take them home and plant them or give them as gifts to guests?

    They're also some good silks out there too...

    Your tablescape is beautiful by the way...and I love the table runner!

  11. Casual Elegance! LOVE IT! This table was so elegant yet soothing. I especially love your napkin rings!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Mindy
    The Howell Blessings

  12. Oh I think the bride will be so pleased with your beautiful settings.

  13. CJ, Carlee and Max are certainly one lucky couple of have you planning a party for them! (This Texas native is curious... where are they marrying?) The grey and yellow combination is a popular one right now, and your "first draft" is a good one! Since you asked, here are my thoughts...

    Definitely stick to silver napkin rings; personally, I wouldn't add baby's breath to them. At least at the moment, it's distracting my eye from the rest of the table.

    I'd add some color to the center of the table to "anchor" it more. Personally, I'd spray the candlesticks dark grey, but if you don't want to do that, perhaps you could at least wrap some jute around sections of each one to give a little contrast; it would tie in the burlap. I don't know if you'll be doing place cards, but if so, that might be a good place to add tiny touches of jute and lace.

    As for the hydrangeas... They do have a tendency to wilt when out of water, but surely there's some way to keep them hydrated. If that's not possible, perhaps use some large white double peonies? They would give a full look as well. You might even consider adding something like Lamb's Ear to add a touch of grey to the white flowers for a bit of contrast.

    I look forward to seeing the end result! Enjoy the planning. :-)

  14. Beautiful tablescape! I love the colors. The burlap runner is a perfect added touch. Congrats and best wishes to your niece....Christine


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