Monday, January 17, 2011

Sideboard Celebration

For the last few months, I've searched Craigslist, the local antique stores and flea markets for a sideboard to hold my burgeoning collection of dishes and linens.  A few weeks ago, Craigslist Los Angeles carried an ad posted by the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop for an oak sideboard.  We drove to Beverly Hills and uncovered a dusty old sideboard needing some TLC.  The main serving surface had peeling varnish and one door that didn't close but under the dust we saw a treasure.

We loaded the bottom half (unbelievably heavy - thank you to the unknown shopper who assisted).  Sorry I didn't think to take pictures!  The next evening, while I supervised a high school basketball game, my husband and son picked up the top half, strapped it to the top of an SUV, brought it home and texted me a picture.  Upon receiving the text, I promptly left the game (we later won 56-58 in overtime!) to see my new sideboard! 

Rob scraped the old vanish off, steelwool applied Howard's RestorAFinish, and installed a door magnet. Internet research leads us to believe our sideboard is Arts & Crafts English Oak, possibly made by Liberty & Co. 1880's. We're looking to replace the missing hardware on the bottom door.  Hunting in local shops and emailing stores in England adds to the joy of owning this lovely piece.

 My hammered copper collection finding a home
Original hardware
 Pewter, copper and dark wood inlaid in quarter sawn white oak to create an Arts & Crafts poppy design.

 Welcome home new friend! Here's to years of love and good times ahead.

By the way, the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market takes hours and is mostly vintage 60's/70's collectibles (when did that become vintage?!)  Yet is still grand fun, the best flea market in California and a great second Sunday of the month walking workout.  It is all about the hunt, right?! 

I will be participating in Metamorphosis Monday Between Naps on the Porch! 

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