Monday, April 18, 2011

Wild & Whimsical

Between Naps on the Porch
An orange paisley runner I made for my future daughter-in-law, inspired this whimsical purple and orange wildflower table.  Orange and purple isn't an obvious combination, but one I've come to really enjoy.  I tried the large flowers in the middle of the table but decided I liked the little vases scattered across the table. Which do you like better?

 Found these little vases at Salvation Army for pennies, probably used in a wedding since there were 20 little vases in a basket marked $4.99.
 Whenever I see bunches of flowers at Goodwill or other thrift store, I purchase them and keep to use when I don't have flowers in the yard or didn't have time to buy at the market.  These look fine, unless you notice that in the bottom of the vase, I've twisted the stem so I could use them in a shorter vessel without cutting the long stem. 
The eggplant purple candles are in punch cups. Who doesn't have a set of those around?
 The runner is trimmed with amber beads.  Picture doesn't show them but they add a little sparkle.
 Napkins are heavy canvas from Home Goods - twelve for $14.99.  Can always use more napkins.

 Bamboo napkin rings from Dollar Store - two for $1. I originally bought 6, then went back and bought 18 more. They are such a basic and for that price?!

 Cyrstal stemware purchased from Amazon.
 I tried a large bouquet of flowers since I had a lot of fake wildflowers and a dark eggplant vase from Home Goods (clearance $12), but I like to see across the table so moved them to the sideboard.

 Pope Gosser Rose Point, my favorite china with the raised embossed roses and iridescent glaze.

Gorham "Shelburne" pattern, first made in 1914.  Got to love what you can find on ebay!

Tablecloth:  Eggplant purple fabric JoAnn's
Runner:  Orange paisley JoAnn's
Pope Gosser Dinner Plates: Ebay
Flatware: Gorham Shelburne Ebay
Stemware: Amazon
Napkins: Home Goods
Napkin Rings: Dollar Store
Purple vase in Centerpiece: HomeGoods
Little vases:  Salvation Army
Punch cups: Aunt Elsie years ago
Purple candles:  Big Lots
Greenery/Flowers: Goodwill and Tuesday Mornings


  1. Hi CJ,
    Thanks for coming by today and for your sweet comments. Like your eggplant and orange table. Your white dishes are very pretty and I like the separate vases as well, cause they are light and airy and you can see each other across the table.
    I don't like to have something so tall either, you can't see each other and it impedes conversation, kinda defeats the purpose in having din din together!! lol
    Beautiful stemware too.
    Blessings for a Happy Easter!!

  2. OMG! What a beautiful orange table! I have an orange home too :) Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Good day..


  3. Great is nice to see someone that isn't afraid of color! Your stemware is beautiful.
    Happy Easter, CJ!


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