Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Posh Hats for the Royal in Everyone

I have always loved hats and sometimes been bold enough to wear them. It does require a certain panache and confidence.  Once seen as demur, the woman wearing the hat now seems to shout "look this way and check out the woman under the hat!"  I don't do the full Halloween costume while at work, but I do sport a Halloween hat. 

Of course, a Royal Wedding also presents not only a hat option but a hat mandate.  While I have not received my invitation from Kate and Andrew, I do plan on watching it on the telie later in the day.  And I will wear a hat. According to Hello Magazine, Kate Middleton has commissioned Philip Treacy to create the headgear for the special day. The award-winning milliner also designed both of the headresses Camilla wore on her wedding day in 2005 (pictured). I would wear this hat.  I would.  I don't know where, but I would totally feather up.  We all have an inner Royal that needs to occasionally come out to play ... and wave to the people.

My favorite hats-worn-to-weddings movies is the delightful Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Hat Bling-Bling!  Love Andi McDowell sweeping hat - PANACHE - and Fiona's devilish bonnet - POSH!

Easter always presents a hat option.  Do I wear one or let it go this year?  Will I need a hat because I'll be out in the sun for the big egg hunt?  Then, yes

Do I hat up for a wedding because I just had a chemical peel?  Recalling that Sex in the City episode where Samantha did that, then, yes.  

Because unlike Kate, you may not have a milliner that you prefer, so I did a little hat shopping to support the Royal that exists within us all.

Fabulous $200 hat from Neiman Marcus (taken before they asked me to leave. Yes, they did.)
 Another posh hat from Neiman's.  Can't you just imagine wearing that on Easter Sunday?  Pass the salmon, please.
 I almost bought this beauty.  Sweet salvation!
 From Nordstrom's for the outdoor event that calls for panache under $100.
 Nordstroms's for $66.  I may go back. Really awesome hat. Very Andi McDowell.
 Another Nordie's hat. Apparently the model is shielding the sun from her eyes or is covering her face because she just realized she is only wearing a scarf....and a hat.

Totally fun hats from Macy's Nine West $44 each.  Who says you can't be posh on a budget?  Love these hats sitting on top of Pashmina shawls in equally delicious Easter egg colors.
 Then a little boutique window featuring the ever popular headband hat.  Adorable.

Or you can watch this video and make your own! Check out this inspiring video below on how to make your own hat suitable for a Royal Wedding.  It really is quite good.  Do it!  You can.

How to make a Royal Wedding Hat video

And just after Neiman's told me to stop taking professional (?) pictures, I saw this fab couple.  They were both rocking the hats. Royalty indeed!
Style on!


  1. Oh, this is a great post! I saw a great garden hat the other day and I am dying to go back and get it!LOL Have a lovely Easter!

  2. Thank you all for your encouraging messages. You are a constant inspiration to me. ~CJ

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