Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Asiatic Blues

It started at the Dollar Store when I found six blue goblets.  Then I happened upon one blue transferware plate at the Salvation Army for $2, then more blue transferware at the Rose Bowl flea market, which lead me to ebay for a few more pieces and finally to Marshall's for salad plates that seemed to be the perfect match.  It's all about the journey and the "HUNT." 

Please welcome the Springtime Asiatic Blues.

It was kind of an overcast day on the deck, so the colors in some of these pictures look eerie.  Probably needed to spend more time color correcting, but patience isn't one of my virtues.

I love transferware and have lots of red transferware given to me by my husband's family. Now I'm started with Johnson Brothers England Asiatic Pheasant.  Love the flowers, birds and romantic edges.
Wanted to offset the Asiatic Pheasant pieces with a darker piece.

 Love the details of the flowers and birds on the Georgian form plate with scalloped edge.
Love the cobalt blue of the glasses and almost purple hue of the pitcher.

Blue and yellow always seem to work, the daisyness of it all.
Filled water goblet with garden roses and lilies.
 Pineapple base candle sticks from add height variety.
 Took the time to color correct on this one but it still looks a little off. 
 Found these flatware while searching for something to use on the deck - just for fun.  Couldn't believe Neiman's had a deal!  The "bamboo" is resin and probably won't last through too many seasons but I am very pleased with the purchase.
Neiman Marcus link
20-Piece Bamboo Flatware Service
Sugg. Retail: $49 Special Value: $25
Priced so you can use it at your biggest gatherings, this flatware has resin "bamboo" handles fitted with chrome implements.
  • 20-piece set includes four 5-piece place settings (salad fork, dinner fork, knife, table spoon, and tea spoon).
  • Dishwasher safe.

Christopher Columbus wrote about his first encounter with a pineapple in one of his early journals.  In 1493, he brought a pineapple back to Europe, telling of the hospitality of the "Islanders in the Caribbean."  Since then, they have been used to symbolize hospitality and warm welcome in platters, salt shakers, fabrics and furniture.  I think they delightfully add dimension, height and an exotic zing to any table.

Love to end with flowers.

Dinner plates and soup bowls - Johnson Bros England Asiatic Pheasant, thrifting & antiquing
Salad plates - Marshalls
Flatware - Bamboo Flatware, Neiman Marcus
Wine glasses - Dollar Store
Water goblets - Home Goods
Napkins - Home Goods
Napkin rings - Dollar Store
Pitcher - Goodwill
Candlesticks -

Next time, I'll work in these pieces that my mother just gave me.  I remember her drinking coffee every night out of this mug while correcting papers for her first graders until after midnight.  So happy to have you in my cupboard so that I can think of Mom.  Love how dishes carry memories across time.


  1. Oh, I love all your plates, the blue and white transferware and the oriental are just gorgeous! I love your blue pitchers and blue goblets! Beautiful post and such a bargain! I'm at PINK SAT.

  2. Love the whole ensemble!! Those plates are gorgeous! Makes me want to have a dinner party!

  3. I love cobalt blue and the yellow with it is just spectacular! It is all just beautiful.

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  5. Oh my how beautiful. Love those blue and whites. Very pretty tablesetting. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I so appreciate it. Hope you will come back again. I will be back to yours for sure. Have a wonderful week. Karie

  6. Wow! Just happened across your post in a random yahoo search....just a gorgeous, gorgeous setting!!


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