Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free People Lace Scarf Tutorial

Now that my "Create Space" room is mostly complete, I've challenged myself to create something at least once a week.  I don't have much time this week because I'm preparing to go to another school for their WASC visit, so I need to shop, buy some boots, and a few updated accessories.  While I'm out shopping, I see an adorable scarf  at Free People, $48.  The scarf below is not the one I saw but it is similar. The one I saw was made with three pieces of old lace, sewn together to create a whimsical, vintage, hippie look that I loved.  Thinking to myself, "I have old lace that I bought on eBay a while ago to make into napkins. You could make this."

When I got home, there in my linen box were the three pieces of lace.  Beautiful three pieces apx. 60" each piece.  So here's what I did:

Measured width of lace so that I had an end piece wide enough to sew on top. Carefully cut it out, going around the lace pattern.

I finished the edges with a serge stitch, No. 8 on my sewing machine.
Then, put the pieces together and stitched on top, again serge stitch No. 8.

Super easy, finished scarf!

So that's it for Create Space weekend project.  And it didn't cost a dime.

Happy creating!



  1. I love this idea - great job!

  2. I have been wanting to make me a scarf just like this and as soon as I am done working on my creative space I intend to make one too! funny that we are thinking so much alike except you're alot further ahead of me!

    Going to see if I can find your creative space to look at now. I have a few posts on my progress if you would like to look.

    bee blessed


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