Sunday, March 18, 2012

Create Space #2

It's been a while between posts because I've been creating a space to get creative.  For three months, we had house guests that delayed this project, and then when I finally had the room back, it needed to be emptied, closets cleared, and furniture ordered.  Then the creating could begin.

I'm going to work backwards on this post, showing you where I'm at with my CREATE SPACE, and then will give details in future posts.  I'm just so blessed to have this space, a little time to create, and a partner who encourages and supports projects - big and small.

From the doorway into the room - my desk for sewing and blogging, lots of storage in small mason jars shelved in mini crates from Micheal's (details in future metamorphosis post).
Added a few details, but the pictures turned out dark.  I will have to learn to use my camera now that I have the room to CREATE.  Covered ironing board, made pillows and curtains (future details.)

So here are a few "Before" the metamorphosis pictures I posted a month ago when the room still housed remnants of my son's furniture, school diploma, boxes of memories, and projects waiting to be created. . I'm not proud of the mess this space had became, but I'm coming out the cocoon of chaos one project at a time!

I found the "IMAGINE" "DREAM" "CREATE" word art at Michael's when buying the crates, so brought them home to spray paint when I did the crates. I have something else in mind for this wall, but for now, it works.  The rest of the room's accessories were found shopping in the house and garage.  I like this lamp with fireflys and beads around the shade. Atop the "Campaign Desk" from World Market, I thought it had an "Out of Africa" feel to it.  See my Pinterest board used for imagining this room. Way too much of an outback tangent, but it was fun to imagine a tiger covered chair in the corner.

A few "Out of Africa" ideas that never made it into the room, but were fun to imagine:
Ode to KevinGetting into a British Colonial thing.  Who knew?Reminiscent of British colonial armies and French artisan stores.Cyranso would say, "Panache."
Bohemian influencecreate, office space.  love the embroidery hoop bulletin board
Wanted a place for someone else to sit, use as an inpromtu ironing board, and a place to store a lot of fabric that will soon be a great CREATion.  Pillows and pad covered with outdoor fabric (future post.)

Pillow closeup (tutorial to follow in the future.) Loved the fabric with birds and inspirational words/phrases.
 Ironing board cover made in same fabric. If it needs to be out all the time, it should coordinate.
The Ikea Expedit shelving unit I didn't know I was putting up the same weekend the ever clever Susan Between Naps on the Porch genius was building hers inside her closet (see her post for great inspiration).  We chose two units to put side-by-side for an asymmetrical vibe. Love the wicker baskets for hiding mail-to-be-sorted, and projects-to-be-made.
Birdcage photo board, gift from my daughter-in-law, still holding favorite Christmas card photos and one new Valentine photo from my granddaughter.

When I saw this Birg Cage bulletin board, I knew I needed it desperately, so put it on my Amazon Wish List!  Happy, happy, joy, joy when I unwrapped it for my birthday.

 Sweetest Valentine ever!  Love her lots!

The other side of the room, so my creative husband can join me for projects, and then also another space that I can use to cut out fabric.  The two desks are from World Market, and have small "bread board" like extensions on either side, perfect for extra equipment, baskets, or reading.  The quilt above this desk is one I found while antiquing years and years ago.  A young man was trying to sell it to the shop owner, who wasn't overly keen on buying it.  I loved the detail, graphic design, and craftsmanship.  I motioned the eager seller outside, and asked him why he was selling it.  He said, "I have a date with a beautiful woman, but I have no money. My grandmother made this, and she told me to use it wisely." I told him I would give him a hundred dollars, and my phone number so that if he wanted to buy it back, he always could.  I've enjoyed it in my living room for years as stunning graphic fabric art, but recently updated the living room.  It will be a constant CREATE inspiration.
A little closer look.  Can you imagine the hours?  What great vision and craftsmanship.
What a joy to have a place to imagine, dream, create, and read, and write, and blog, and whatever/wherever my day takes me.  Now what I need is time, a most precious resource.
May your week be filled with small and large acts of CREATion.  From my happy place to yours, wishing you lots of St. Patty's jigs of joy!

I'm posting on Metamorphosis Monday.  Join the party and the fun!


  1. What a lovely transformation -
    Let the creative juices flow, lol

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  3. Congratulations on creating such a creative, usable space. I love elements that bring back lots of love and memories!

  4. What a great space you have created! Love those Ikea bookshelves and the story about the quilt!I wonder if he is going to tell that same story , his version, to his children about how he came up with money to take their mother out on a date!

  5. LOVE, love the story behind the quilt and your heart for giving to him your phone number! The story continues...

  6. Nice work space... Still working on mine...


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