Sunday, February 19, 2012

Create Space #1

This is going to be a long drawn out process, but I have been imagining my new "Create Space" for the last 10 years, since my beloved son moved to college, but has been "in and out of the nest" and always welcome, so I haven't wanted to disrupt his familiar nest.  However, when he married this last summer, I knew it was time to move from imagining to creating.  Opps, just when I thought it was safe to create, we had house guests who were in between homes (blessing to be able to assist), so the room went to them for the last three months. As of February 1, the room was FREE, so at long last, it is vacant, and speaking to my creative spirit. Ahhhh.

  I'm not proud of the first pictures, but here they are.

The best is yet to come.  Pinterest board about my "Create Space" have kept me nurtured and focused, but at last, I'm getting started!  Yeah!!!  On your mark, get set, GO!

 New desk from World Market, campaign desk. We bought two, one for each side of the room.  Lots of space to move the desk between sewing machine and laptop.  Sewing supplies sorted in mason jars for easy finding. They won't stay on the desk, but will hopefully be housed in a future wall unit or china cabinet painted black.  Researching/pinning ideas now!

 I can't wait to share more about this project.  Dream on!


  1. Well so far it looks great. I know you are excited to finally be creating the space!

  2. Your space is truely on its way to being fabulous! Love the jelly jar idea and that desk is fantastic!
    I scrolled back thru your posts and can see what you mean with your silver! You have so many wonderful pieces! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me today!
    dee dee

  3. What a fun project! I like you idea of using the jars...makes everything readily available. This is going to give you lots of pleasure and a great place to work.


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