Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Gardenia Friends

I believe in the Girl Scout song, "Make New Friends," so when I saw this dish set at, clearance, I knew it was time to make a new friend.

Make New Friends
Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver, and the other's gold. 
A circle is round that never ends,
And that's how long I'm gonna be your friend. 
This weekend we are celebrating my husband and my new daughter-in-law's February birthdays, plus it is Super Bowl Sunday, so we are having a Super Gardenia Birthday Party, the perfect occasion to invite my new friends to dine.  Joining us are an iron birdbath filled with eggs (borrowed from the kitchen), a Bauer vase, and cupcakes from the local bakery.

Inexpensive flowers from the market and boxwood clippings from the yard.
Bought this at a school sponsored boutique not knowing where or what I would do with it, but knew it needed to be mine.

Added a silver dish filled with yogurt covered raisins just because they matched the color scape.

Birthday cupcakes - carrot cake, smores, red velvet, white chocolate, and devil's food.  Yum! 

 Happy Birthday old and new friends!  In any event, eat cake!

Dishes - Savinio Designs Earthenware,
Flatware - Bamboo handle, Neiman-Marcus
Water Goblets - Home Goods
Napkins - yellow cotton, Home Goods
Napkin rings - wood rings, Dollar Store
Rattan Chargers - Santa Barbara Goodwill
Vase - Bauer Pottery, eBay
Iron Bird Bath - PTA boutique
Silver dish - eBay
Cake plate - gift from my son year's ago

This week I am linking up at these fun parties, join me!


  1. Hi CJ,
    I love your post. I was a Girl Scout and I remember that song so well. I have a friend that collects Bauer and I just did a post with photographs of her collection. I also love the bird bath. My son's friend has one and she puts granola in it for toppings. Have fun today.

  2. Hi CJ, thanks for dropping by and for your nice comment. I love your tablescape and especially the birdbath. I would have had to buy it, too. Have a great week. xo

  3. What a beautiful happy table! And for happy occasions.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    So far the painted floor is OK.

  4. Love those dishes!! Such a pretty table. I love the little bird cute! Happy Birthday to your husband and DIL. My daughter's birthday is in a couple of weeks and she will be 30...where did the years go? hugs, Linda

  5. Beautiful dishes! They remind me of a beautiful tree peony bush that I have. Love your idea for using boxwood clippings in your flower arrangement!

  6. I was thinking they looked like my peonies, too! Very pretty & I love how you pulled in the yellow colors to accent the centers.
    And candy.."just because they matched the color scape"...LOL I do that all the time, too.

    The past couple of tablescapes you've done have just been wonderful and I really appreciated seeing all the things you couldn't live without, CJ. I REALLY could have used that cold stopper...been sick for 3 weeks with one now. I'm putting it on my list!


  7. Beautiful setting and oh those cupcakes. I want each and every one. Are those eggs in the dish candy too? They are so real looking.

  8. Those plates are wonderful! What a great color!

  9. Love your tablescape! What beautiful plates, perfect centerpiece flowers to go along with them. I'm visiting from Table Top Tuesday (the post after yours). Lovely!

  10. Hi CJ,
    What a lovely tablescape. Love all the pink (my favorite color) and love the new dishes. They were a great find for sure...Oooooh and yummy, yum, yum...those cupcakes look sooooo good. I do hope everyone had a wonderful celebration. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for your kind comment. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  11. Beautiful table CJ. The gardenia plates are fabulous.

  12. Love this tablescape and the unique things you have done. The eggs in the dish are awesome and the flower plates are really pretty!


  13. Love the pops of yellow with the pretty pinks! That small birdbath is darling -- and so versatile. I love the addition of the pink candies in a silver dish -- and those were popular with your family, I'm sure!

  14. Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wednesday and sharing your awesome ideas.


  15. Beautiful! I love your colors! Thanks for sharing! Joann

  16. I was never a Girl Scout (as you can tell by how ornery I am!), but I love the concept of making new friends...and I LOVE YOUR new friends!!! I have GOT to visit that! I have never been on there that I can recall. I'm not all that good at navigating the least not as good as a lot of other people are. I love how you resisted the urge to make the floral centerpiece completely match the flowers on the dishes. It is SO much more interesting to use flowers that are similar in some other way (color in this instance) but not the exact same. It really shows wonderful imagination and creativity! I also love how you picked up the yellow center of the plates' gardenias with the napkins. VERY smart!!! Beautiful!!! I hope the birthdays are good ones and that you guys all have a wonderful weekend! Take care!

  17. Love the creamy gold accents to pop the center of the Gardenias on those marvelous new plates. Thank you for inviting us for a peak at your beautiful birthday tablescape. Cherry Kay

  18. Which do I like better, the plates or the cupcakes. The flower on the plates looks like a cross between a peony and a camellia. Our family has lots of February birthdays so we have many a celebration and cupcakes are the favorite. Thanks for your visit.

  19. I was a girl scout too, brings back memories. I love those plates are so beautiful. Love the cute little birdbath, and the accents on the Gardenias plates. A very pretty tablescape to celebrate the birthday's of your husband and daughter-in-law. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay! PS - following you through GFC!


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