Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Create Space #3 Shelf Tutorial

Spring Vacation affords me the time to shop daily in the treasure trove stores I love, like Home Goods.  Today while "working out" (wear a pedometer so steps count), I happened upon a doll like the one in Susan's Between Naps on the Porch replica Santos.  OK, mine is much more modern but with a sweet face, green dress, and holding a baby bird, my favorites.  Love her. Just the addition my desk needed. She sits next to a shelf I put together to hold mason jars of sewing supplies.  So here's the shelf tutorial, inspired by my girl, name to be decided when it comes to me.  BTW, doll $14.99, shelf apx. $17.  Lovely.

I wanted a shelf that would keep the sewing supplies within reach, but not take up too much room. At least for me, if stuff isn't within reach, the project gets put off.  I have been searching for a suitable shelf, willing to pay just about anything, but still couldn't find it.  I was starting to look at medicine cabinets to mount on the wall or sit on the desk, but they were too deep.  Then I found these unpainted craft crates at Michael's, $3 each.  Done.
Purchased one can spray paint flat black $4.75.  The inspiration signs were also purchased for a couple of dollars from Michael's I couldn't find large letters to paint, as I had planned.  There are never any "C" letters left.  Someday.
Spray in well vented and protected area.  Outside patio table covered with leftover plywood (husband project). Layer spray paint slowly so as not to streak, and turn crates often to get into the corners.
The white words took more time and paint than I imagined.  Patience is a virtue.
Allow to dry four hours, stack and instant shelf. I was going to nail together, but changed my mind so that I can switch them out if I want to later. My tissue box fit perfectly, with the tissue coming up between the slates!  Perfection.
It wasn't rocket science, but it solved the shelf equation for me.  Happy Crafting!  Feel free to recommend names for my girl.  Love her, and having a Create Space of my very own!


  1. I'm full of admiration of your project! I hardly ever get down to the nitty gritty like this. Love the words on the wall. And your work space is so tidy! Great solution!

  2. She is a beauty and your project is too. What a nice space in which to work.


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