Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rancher's Table

Here is my table dedicated to our Bard Rocks & Americana Chickens- Beyonce, Natasha, and Pearl.

So, we (and I mean my City-Rancher husband) have 3 chickens that delight us (me included) by frolicking in our garden, and laying 3 eggs a day, two green and one brown.  When I saw these Bordallo Pinheiro Hen & Rooster salad plates at Ross, $3.99 each, I had to buy them. I know nothing about them except that they are adorable, and look like they had a majolica finish that I've always admired. Later, I find 6 salad plates on eBay for $60.  Score.

I found the rattan chargers at a thrift shop in Santa Barbara, never imagining that I would use them so often.  I love the rustic foundation for the Portuguese pottery.

The yellow flowers are from Trader Joes ($3.99), and clippings from the garden, held in jelly size mason jars, nesting in a vintage beverage caddy that I've had for years.  Last week, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, inspired me to not only purchase the mason jar caddy she used for her centerpiece, but to remember this wonderful piece that I haven't used in a while.

Basket of leftover eggs nesting in leftover centerpiece leaves.  The little egg cups are tiny flower pots set to grow herbs on the window ledge.  

 The brown plate framing the showcase salad plate is from the .99 Store, simple and durable.

Love the stalks of corn around the edge.  Next time I use them, I'll dig into my Thanksgiving decorations for some Indian corm, or serve fresh summer corn.
The large green goblet made of recycled glass, and found on, sits next to a new water glass picked up as a set of 8 from Ross, $6.99.  I love the dots, sort of vintage and whimsical.


By the way, meet Beyonce, Natasha, and Pearl, pecking under the Lemon Tree, making a delightful mess.
 And in the rose garden

Here's to another beautiful Spring Day, celebrating being In and Out My Nest.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Your table is beautiful, so love your rooster plates, and the hens under the lemon tree. Beyonce, Natasha, and Pearl are adorable. Your table accessories really add a touch of charm to your tablescape. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  2. What cute chickens! Your green plates are gorgeous. They absolutely remind me of majolica. Lovely table!

  3. Hi CJ, I wanted to come by and say hi after you stopped by Quirky Vistas and left me that nice note about my twinkle light table. Thank you so much! My goodness, what a beautiful table you have here. I love the images you took, and those chickens all in row are too cute! I hope you'll come by and visit again.


  4. Your table is beautiful and so is your photography!! Thanks for sharing such a lovely setting.

  5. Hey, CJ! First of eggs?!?!?!?!! I've never heard of such a thing!!! I mean, we're all read "Green Eggs and Ham", but I didn't know green eggs really exist! I am 54 years old and still learning!!!!!!! Maybe I just need to get out more! :-) I really like those plates with the cool pattern. Perfect year round! We don't have a Ross around the Kansas City, MO area, but I was just visiting Joplin, MO over the weekend which is about 2 hours away and saw that a Ross is opening there soon. We go down that way at least once a month, so I'll be sure to hit it when it opens. Hope you had a good weekend!

  6. Your tablescape is so pretty! I love the dishes! I just had to laugh when I read about Beyonce, Natasha, and Pearl. We have a lot of chickens and there is one that will get out of the pen and follow my 17 year old son around. Her name is Gertrude. When my son comes up the driveway in this truck she comes running! Thanks for sharing, Tammy

  7. Hi CJ! Youe table is on my list of all time faves! wow! so great!!The mason jars with fresh flowers are grand. Looks like an old jam carrier?? Have a wonderful week! Dianna

  8. Your table is so beautiful. I am jealous with your plates and goblets! You did such a beautiful job here!

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