Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Broken Dishes

Every day when the UPS or mail truck rumbles down my street, my husband sings "The Wells Fargo wagon is coming down the street."  I get very excited knowing that my latest eBay purchase has arrived.  Imagine my giddiness Saturday morning as I opened the box of 55 dishes of Pope Gosser Rose Point circa 1941, including a cake plate that I didn't even know existed!  Then imagine my horror upon unwrapping the West Virginia newspaper and finding a once lovely plate broken beyond repair.  One newspaper sheet protecting each plate!  Plates, saucers, cake plate and platter broken, shattered and shared.  It physically hurt.  Out of 55 dishes, only 10 arrived in tact.

Please, please protect what you sell on eBay.  Imagine the generations of women that have carefully stored their wedding china or the dishes that they saved up their precious pennies to purchase.  These are relics of the past and future that remind us of the importance of tending the souls of our families.  When we set the table, we send a message that we have thought about the people we are inviting to the table and we care about what they eat and the environment that we create in our homes.  Please take care of dishes.  Please honor and protect these relics.

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  1. I had this exact same thing happen once. The seller put a whole set of dishes in one large box and the box was half empty with the dishes barely wrapped. They banged around together all the way along the way and by the time they arrived, around half were broken. I'm surprised any made it here. I hope the seller insured them and you are reimbursed. That's a terrible feeling to open a box and find that. Good luck, CJ!


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