Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tea Party for teachers

Ring that Bell! This last weekend, my school received a wonderful award called "The Golden Bell."  This highly coveted award is given to schools that have a stellar program that is innovating and focused on assisting underperforming students.  And we won!  The program is called "Effective Student Support" and uses Covey's book, "Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens" to teach young people to change their habits and in so doing, change their lives for the better. The program was designed by my assistant principal, Linda Pierce and a team of dedicated and caring teachers.

So when we came back to school, I gave them a grand tea party!
This table features  J & G Meakin Romantic England English Ironstone transferware  in the red pattern. My wonderful mother-in-law gave me this set of dishes that she used daily during the 1960's when my husband was in elementary school.  They are a daily reminder to me of the importance of providing gentility, romance and nourishment for my family - and for myself!
The table below features Pope Gosser Rose Point China that I've collected for years.  I recently loaned 60 place settings for a fund-raiser called, "Imagine LA."  The vintage china evoked the days when families sat together for dinner, tables full of nourishing, homemade meals. Imagine the world returning to those days!


  1. That's a very sweet thoughts. It looks you're all enjoying the party.

    Happy Ts..

  2. Congratulations to your school! So many schools and teachers are struggling right now. It is wonderful to hear about some success. How lovely to honor the staff that works so hard. I am sure they appreciated all your hard work and that lovely setting.

  3. Heartfelt congratulations to all the hardworking teachers at your school!!! It takes a lot to get those kids who need a little more motiviation and attention on track, so I commend you! What a wonderful early Christmas gift to all!!!


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