Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stuff I'm hmmming about

Two weeks ago I tried to post the hmmmings below on a custom domain site but somehow it disappeared into blogland.  I want to join the blog world but somehow I seem to be blog-challenged.  And so with determination and verve, I try again. 

The title of this blog comes from a not-so-great poem by Robert Burns. But I love the title. It refers to that which we spontaneously create inspired by something that fills us with joy and verve. It cannot be contained. I love it when I feel that way. Years ago as a theater teacher, I tried to model the benefits of journaling about moments inspired by art or news or anything else. I wrote a weekly journal for my students called, "Stuff I'm hmmmming about..." Plays, movies, poetry, books, music, news and conversations with friends or colleagues often inspired me to think about my world in a new and more complex manner and so I "hmmmmed" about it in these little journals. I think those were extemporaneous effusions.

What I'm effusive about right now are blogs created by people all over the country/world, lovingly crafted and then thrown out into the cosmos for anyone to read, view and comment upon. I love that! What a sense of global community. What brilliant innovators are out there in cyber-space and as close to me as my laptop. What inspired and creative minds are at work willing to share their crafting, photography, recipes, reflections, tablescaping, wedding ideas, woodwork skills and on and on. The list, like the blogs and bloggers, reveal the breadth of innovation bubbling up in this country and captured by technology. These blogs have captured the attention of Hollywood, leading to movies based on the Julia/Julie blog and the Pioneer Woman. What is next? This is a frontier medium, limited only by the the imagination of the multi-generation users. It is a game-changer.

#1 Effusive =

More to follow!

Just hmmming about blogs and wishing you a lovely first Advent Sunday. Hang the Christmas lights, warm by the fire and share a bowl of turkey soup with someone you love!

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