Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elevenses Tea party

My very talented sister-in-law designed this lovely Tea party baby shower, called Elevenses (pronounced: Eleven-zees)
Urban Dictionary defines Elevenses as

The name for a traditional English requirement for a hot beverage, usually tea or coffee and a light, sweet snack to go with it, usually biscuits. The urge arrives around 11am, hence the name, and is used to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch.
"I'm starting to feel a little peckish, is it time for elevenses yet?"
 Beautiful buffet with tea sandwiches, scones, and salad.  Cupcakes for dessert.  How elegant is that?!
 Backyard set with three tables surrounding one giant rented umbrella.  We ended up with less sun than we hoped for, so the pictures are a little overcast.
Sachet with teabag-like tag, "Baby Dunn is Brewing"

 I was happy to partner my Pope-Gosser Rose Point with my sister-in-law's beautiful unpainted Limoges plates.
 All the teacups were in different patterns.
  Coffee pots served as vases.

Once they have stickily munched their elevenses, Pooh says that he had better be off

Elevenses is a traditional little mid-morning snack, complete with tea and often something sweet like a biscuit (translation: cookie), iced bun or slice of cake. Just a little something to get you over the hump until lunchtime. It’s a little respite that the Brits take seriously.
Apparently, Winnie the Pooh enjoyed some honey on bread and condensed milk for elevenses and Hobbits eat elevenses to break up the time between their second breakfast and lunch.

I highly recommend Elevenses as a great baby shower theme!


  1. What a beautiful event...great "theme". The Brits sure know how to do it up!! LOVE all of your china and silver and everything looks delicious!

  2. Oh, how lovely! I know that all the guests must have loved being at this special event. From the desserts to the pink floral centerpieces to the white wooden chairs and pretty china cups and party favors, your sister in law did a marvelous job!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh my, everything is so lovely. I love the pretty tea cups. What a beautiful event.

    Jocelyn @

  4. What a lovely event! Every detail was beautiful. I'm sure the mom-to-be was thrilled! Thanks for explaining elevenses! Good to know.

  5. Oh CJ! This is such a beautiful idea and elegant party! I'm going to "pin" it! :-)

  6. Dropping back by to thank you for your visit. I have to say that I am so impressed with how organized your blog is with those tabs. Love that! Maybe I could take lessons from YOU! Poor Mrs. Magpie is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-for-the-most-part kinda girl. ;-)

    And making notes about "eleven-zees"!



  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. You are all an inspiration! My divine S-I-L, stancie, deserves the kudos. She is a masterful entertainer and gifted hostess and nester. ~CJ

  8. Lovely shower, kudos! I never heard that expression, but I am of Irish descent, not English! Blogging is very educational!


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