Monday, October 31, 2011

Palm Springs Respite

Have you ever taken a weekend away from your real life to hang out with your girlfriends in a fantastic home?  This last weekend found me in Palm Springs with a "posse" of great women at the home of a generous friend.  She waited on us throughout the weekend, even serving us a homemade BBQ Surf & Turf, steak, shrimp and lobsters.  Ohh-La-La! House on the golf course with view of the desert mountains.
Let's walk in the entry together...

 Fountain out the sliding doors, herons I believe.

 One of the most fun parts of the weekend was living in a home fabulously decorated in a style totally different from my home, modern, sleek, minimalistic, and ohh-la-la (notice the theme?)  White and gray walls, white leather sofas with pops of red pillows and modern art. 
Do you notice that the ceiling is a darker color than the white walls but not as dark as the gray wall?  So what the interior designer says is that you cut the darker paint by 50% to paint the ceiling - and it works perfectly!  Ohh-la-la.
 Pool table felted in gray. Is the fixture over the table the most ohh-la-la?

 Fireplace filled with glass chards with lights underneath.  I missed taking pictures at night - bummer!  The lamps and fixtures were simply ohh-la-la.
Love the fabric of this chair.

Bar floating in the middle of the two living spaces. 
 Seashell close-up of bar art.

Two peas in a pod in chrome centerpiece. Wow.

Kitchen also floated in the middle of the house, not huge, but beautifully adorned with every modern appliance and stone counters.
Love the river rock back sprash and faucet to fill the pasta pot.  Love how the bananas pop off the counter with color, almost like art.

 Modern Art.
 Wall art.
Bedroom in grays and white, with black and white photographs of old time stars floating on the wall above the bed.

Master bedroom and bath all open to the golf course, water, and Palm Spring Mountains.  

 It's hard to see but this mirror is elevated on dark gray pots filled with black pebbles.  Fabulous idea.

 That's a putting green off the bath, just cuz.
 And a fountain off the bedroom where I slept.  Out to the pool and spa.  Wish I took pictures of the ladies around the edges with fountains coming out their mouths, spraying into the pools. Lovely. 
 It is good to get away and live the life of someone else, play with your posse, and then return to the home and family that you also love.  Ohh-la-la.  If someone asked me to design a fragrance, it would be called "Ohh-la-la" and somehow it would smell like this weekend.  Thank you friends.  I'm lucky to have you in my life.  XOOOXX

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