Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silver Champagne

Ever since seeing my sister-in-law's pantry filled with silver treasures, lovingly restored, found piece by piece cast off in dusty corners of thrift and antique stores, I've started to find some treasures of my own.
Sister-in-laws walk-in pantry

And of course, so much of the fun is the hunt, and restoration - or metamporphisis - to a more wonderufl shape.  So imagine my glee upon finding this champagne bucket at my local Goodwill for $14.99.  I recalled a similiar one on Between Naps on the Porch, lovingly brought back to life by the diva of that blog. 

Here is the journey of my champagne bucket.

Found at the Goodwill for $14.99 (I just like repeating that!)
Hagarty's Silver Polish to the resuce
Joined my newly gifted tea pot (thank you gift from sister-in-law!) and 35 year-old wedding gift silver plate

Love the simple rim (and you can still see that the inside needs work...)

Lovely in afternoon light
Calling out for champagne or peacock feather or ????
Just another Goodwill success story.  Can't wait to add to this little collection.  I''ll have to be careful and heed my son's warning, "Are you collecting, or hoarding?"  Blame Granny Annie.  She started me collecting at the old "Tick Tock Shop", on the way home from kindergarten, when she let me pick out any treasure, as long as it was under a dime.  A picker was born.  You know when it happened to you.  Share your story, in a comment.  I love to read your comments!



  1. I have two champagne buckets from Goodwill that I adore! Both cleaned up just like yours! Amazing how people don't see the value in these beautiful objects! Our gain!

  2. I am still hoping to find one at the thrift store...yours is beautiful!

  3. Love love your champagne bucket...have fun and collect what you love and keep as long as you love them, then pass along and fine a new find

  4. That polished up beautifully. I found several pieces of silver at our Goodwill outlet this weekend that I'm polishing and trying to think what to do with. I come from a long line of "hoarders" but of course, all our stuff is good, it's not junk! lol

  5. I'll have to try some of this silver cleaner.....your piece looks awesome.

    Hope I come across some nice champagne buckets from the local thrift shops!

    Good job,

  6. Lovely! And I get the hoarding question too, lol!
    I am looking for one like that too to use for flowers.
    So your vote is for haggerty's? I use that too. I took a survey last year among bloggers, but I forget the brand that won. I have to go back and look!
    I have my mom's silver punch bowl and cups. My sisters didn't want it as it had turned black. It was my first project after I retired. 2 days, and a few layers of skin later, it glistened!


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