Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pasadena Stats

As I prepare to morph my home into a Christmas Festival of Fun (name to be determined upon completion), I tour my favorite Christmas store, the famous Stats in Pasadena, California.  Going on a pilgramage to Canterbury, must feel like going to Stats to see their annual Christmas tree displays, wonder, awe, and giddilation. You enter the brick building on Raymond Street in Old Town Pasadena.  A doorman sweeps you into the store, wishing you a jolly "Merry Christmas."

 It's like Disneyland for Christmas decorators!
 Lifesize elves - what size would that be? Methinks, at least 4' tall.
 Huge silver buck for the front lawn.
 Rows and rows of glass blown tin solidiers.
 A Thanksgiving section.  Wish I had come a week ago so as to add a pilgrim to my table.
 The Halloween mama spoke to me.  Possible purchase, next visit.  Isn't she divine?
 Hanging spruce ball, adorned with berries and cardinals.  Almost said yes to this one.
 Bad picture, but divine glass blown tree with birds on the branches. I may go back for this.

 Closeup. I will go back to purchase.
 Entering the nativity ROOM. The reason for the season.
 Life size and pint size
 Need ornaments? 
 Or paper? Oh my!
Just when you think you can't take anymore, the TREE room looms around the corner.
 Enter the wonderland of ridiculously ornate and LAYERED trees. 
 White ornaments and peacocks adorn this tree. I'm blinded and arrested by beauty.
 Santa, baby!
 Bird Explosion

 Harvest Homage
 Another Santa Sensation
 He looks so real...

 Nativity Eruption
Peacock Radiance
 Peacock Outrageousness
 Peacock Plumenation!
I'm ignited with possibility.  Head home to tend my own metamorphosis into the Christmas season! Up with the tree, lights and table setting.  Table first, since I'm rehearsing at home for a table for the Bel Air Christmas Tea.  Stats inspired, I want to layer, mix and match. I had pulled out my  my Macy's Holly Holiday china, and paired it with plaid birdie plates.  I like this mix, but it was missing something that I found at STATS!  A plaid tartan tablecloth!

Take it all off the table, and add tartan plaid tablecloth, folded over once to create a square on top of the red tablecloth.
Everything goes back.  Much more interesting.  Table details to share in another post. Love to find inspiration in the stores around me. One buy! Thanks Stats!
Here's to all your happy homes finding their way into another glorious Christmas season.  May all your rooms be bright, and filled with the joy of CHRISTmas.


  1. I think I would walk around that store with my mouth hitting the floor! Every inch is gorgeous! Those delicate glass trees were very intriguing, and the peacock tree is fabulous! You were so right about adding the plaid tablecloth! It's like the icing on the cake!
    Thanks for sharing your shopping trip!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! Yes, I'd be lost for an hour or two there. We have a Stats close to us in Seal Beach, which I consider a large store, but they have nothing on this one.

  3. CJ, This post should be called extreme inspiration!! I am going back to look at all of the pictures again. The peacock tree is so unique, and all of the reds...really fabulous post!!

  4. Wow, CJ , what a treasure trove. I would be there all day!


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