Friday, November 25, 2011


A new world opened for me when I purchased my first EMag, House & Garden.  Wow!  Sort of a choose-your-own-adventure magazine.  Want to learn more?  Click on the video, and the woman/author/actress/designer walks you through her thought process leading to whatever she did remarkable enough to warrant an article.  Are they still called articles, or will there be a new vocabulary to describe eMags? (Note the varied spelling of eMag/E-Mag/EMag? I like eMag, so I'm sticking with it, henceforth.)

eMags to watch/read
Anthology Gift Edition Winter Wonder, page 24 includes a short film and recipe for mulled cranberry cider.
House of Fifty Great eMag produced by a woman wanting the second half of her life to be inpiring

California Home + Design Nov/Dec 2011 Issue free to subscribe

Then I discovered Issuu, eMag publishing site,  amazing site I'm trying to wrap my brain around.
 I turned to Wikipedia for a summary of the site (pretty impressive credentials to back it up.)

Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media. It integrates with social networking sites to promote uploaded material. Issuu's service is comparable to what Flickr does for photo-sharing, and what YouTube does for video-sharing. While most of the documents are meant to be viewed online, some can be downloaded and saved as well. Uploaded print material is viewed through a web browser and is made to look like a printed publication with an animated page flip options. The company was founded in 2006, with the service launched December 2007.[2][3][4][5] Issuu was selected as one of TIME's 50 Best Websites 2009[6] and was a 2009 Webby Awards Honoree [7] and a 2008 South By Southwest finalist.[8] Notable Issuu clients include Routledge,[9] The World Bank[10] and Cambridge University Press.[11] In December 2008 Issuu released Smart Look,[12] which allows other websites to convert their hosted documents to digital Issuu editions, so readers do not have to download the documents to read them.[13]

Lots to learn.  Still hmmming about where this will lead.  How do you use Issuu, if you have?  What eMags inspire you?  Love to learn.

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