Sunday, November 20, 2011

21st Century Christmas

Family Christmas planning in the 21st Century could not be more complex, especially when your family extends all over the country.  To the rescue - technology for all generations! Really, get the greatgrandparents and the little ones connected!    We are having a jolly time cyber-connecting, menu and game planning. Greatgrandparents are Gen 1.0, and so on until you get the youngest ones in Gen 4.0.  How lucky are we to have 4 generations celebrating together?!

Welcome to our 21st Century Christmas.

Menu ideas posted
Cherry Mojitos (see picture below)
Sparkling sugared Cranberry Brie Bites (picture below)
Prime Rib
Santa Brownie Hats

I'm noticing that we're a little lite on the salads and veggie dishes.  Call for suggestions.

More technology FUN:
One of my nieces created a share Pinterest board where we can share ideas for our big get together.  Totally fun to see some of the sites that they are exploring, and to learn more about their interests.  
Pinterest Christmas Board

Some favorite posts

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