Friday, January 6, 2012


Welcome to R & R Weekend #2

So what to make for a group of family and friends that are getting together for a winter party?  I saw this on someone's blog (sorry but I didn't save the link), showed it to my pie making husband, and he was off and running.  He did this for all of the guests at a recent party, and I'm going to ask him to make another batch this weekend to have in the freezer to give as hostess gifts throughout the winter months.

How about this for a resting (me) and rejuvinating (me again) idea whereby he does all the work, and I benefit by getting to taste , and then have them available to bake off as needed?

Here is Pie-in-a-Jar Weekend R & R Activity
1. Roll out crust (recipe to follow with secret ingredient - Vodka - who knew?!)
2. Use mason jar lid to cut out the "lid"
3.  Stuff crust into small mason jar
4. Use small cookie cutter to cut out lid shape for steam escape
 Peel apples
 Discard cores and skin (how easy does that look?!)
 A bit more rough chop.
Into the saucepan.
 Add spices.
 Can you smell it? 

 Combined apple mixture into the jar.
 Adorable lid on top.
 Fork all around

 Finished pies ready to bake.

 Out of the oven and ready to enjoy!
It's always a delight to offer a guest a little pie to take home and have later.  Thanks to my Chef Husband it was R & R for me!


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Hope you join my on R & R weekend, so I can see what clever things you are up to this weekend, or one in the past!



  1. The pies look delicious, CJ! What a nice little take home. Have a great Sunday! When you retire it is always the weekend! :)
    Thanks for hosting.


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