Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentines & Ode to Picnik

I started on a Valentine's tablescape, as I prepared to host my Crafty Ladies night.  I thought I had the perfect CRAFT to share with my friends and my new Crafty Ladies party (in person, not a linky party - dinner and a craft!)  My idea was to show them Pinterest and how to make a Valentine's collage or picture with words embedded, using the easy to use Picnik. Invites sent out, dates revised so all could attend.  High enthusiasm.  Then (you know already, don't you?), Picnik sends out the now famous infamous email telling all of us that they are closing, and we should all join Google+.  Susan at Between Naps on the Porch posted some alternatives.  So did Censational Girl.  Their blogs are widely read and blogtastic!

So I left my table simple (centerpiece light) and began experimenting with some of the new, sadly not Picnik editing sites.  A few pictures of the table, and then notes on Google+ and LunaPic (my favorite of the new sites.)

Found these ceramic hearts at the Dollar Store last year!

 Wanted to keep it simple, but probably would have added more to the centerpiece. I like these modern candles from Z Gallerie, but too modern with the rest of the table.  Wouldn't cherry Mojitos be lovely in these glasses with the straws leftover from Christmas?

 Filled the candles with heart shaped candies.

White Solis Plate from Pier 1; Signature red plate (set of six) form Home Good.
 Avalon silverplate with cutout heart placemats.

And now looking forward to what I will <3 in the future (fickle, fickle, ever fickle.)  Goodbye dear Picnik, and hello my new loves. 

After playing with some of the sites, including Google+, here is my humble contribution to the discussion.
1.  Google+ is making a bid to be the new Facebook offering "circles" whereby you can share your photos with different groups, and then share other photos with other groups.  They give an example of how you probably don't want your Aunt to see you partying, but you do want to share those photos with your college roommates.  Seems a bid to end "cyber-stalking" by relatives or others, but what's fun about that?  While I get the logic behind it, there is something refreshingly honest about putting your life out there for all to see, a transparency about who you are, and pride in what you do no matter who is looking.  Hmmmmm.  What do I DO that I don't want my employer/children/minister/friends to see?  Hmmmm?

2. Google+ does not do everything that Picnik does and there are numerous steps to get to the photo editor piece.  Not as many editing options, and I didn't find the collage maker.

3.  LunaPic is easy-to-use and offers MORE options than Picnik.  Here's how to use it.

            No joining or signing in
            Upload image (same as an attachment)

             Picture appears in new window with message

            Scroll to toolbar on the left side
                      Go to Edit, drop down menu to Resize Image
                      125 X 125 is a good "button size"  Looks like this now
         Click on T to add Text
         The fonts are names I've never seen before ;(

        I'll try Craftsman since I like Arts and Crafts furniture.

       You have to guess what type size is needed, so I ended up spending more time on this than I should have.

Next I played with the various editing options to change picture.  Fun!  Just a few to get the idea.

Try it out!  I will miss Picnik, but will spend time with new sites as well.  The important thing is to take the time to play, and like any workout, the exercise will be good for your brain.  It is critical to always keep learning!

Color Pencil Sketch
 Christmas Ornament - Love this idea!
Emboss - kind of a sketch look!
 Water Effect
 Water Reflection Animation
Happy Exploring in the brave new world without Picnik.  It will be ok.  Won't it?


  1. Thanks for all the tips on the new photo options! I need all the help I can get! Your table looks perfect for Valentine's Day -- lucky you, to find those wonderful hearts at the Dollar Store! I love that candle holder -- so versatile!

  2. I am so going to miss Picnik! I've tried BeFunky and its ok but I will check out some other sites also. Love your Valentine table. hugs, Linda

  3. Thanks for sharing! Cute plates! Joann

  4. Your table is darling...crisp, animated...and the hearts are wonderful. I'm mainly excited to spend some time reading your guide to LunaPic. I'll download it later today. Thank you so much for sharing the resource! Cherry Kay

  5. Love your table..Will definitely check out Lunapic..thanks for bringing this to the forefront!

  6. Sounds fun, dinner and a craft! Thanks for your review of the new sites. Somehow we will all live without Picnik and it's cute little sayings as it loads...I may cry!

    Robin Flies South

  7. Love your Valentine tablescape. Thanks for the info...Christine

  8. How do I get an invite to be a Crafty Lady?

  9. Hi, CJ! I never used Picnik, but had just been recently introduced to it by another blogger, Sandra from Sweet Sensations. In fact, I think she told me about it maybe 2 days before they announced they were closing! Anyway, I am so glad that you have posted this info. I have an entire boring weekend ahead of me to do nothing but experiment with the Luna Pic. Literally....hours on end with NOTHING to do! So I should be pretty good at it by the time Monday rolls around! :-) Since I never got a chance to explore Picnik, it'll ALL be new to me and I'll have nothing to compare it to, so that might make it easier for me. We'll see! Thanks again so much for taking the time to tinker with the new possibilities and to share the info!

  10. Love the modern V-Day table. The hearts are too cute and from the Dollar Store too. Never did do much on Piknic -- mainly use Picassa. Joni

  11. The Valentine hearts are very sweet and I saw them at the 99 cent store this year. Your idea of doing Picnik sounds like fun. Your simple table is lovely for a party. Happy Crafting and Happy Tablescaping! Pam


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