Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wild Living in 2012

Thanks for sharing your New Year's R & R Weekend!  Love the Southern traditions, recipes, great pictures of projects and babies!  Cindy's pictures of New Year's Eve dropping the Walleye Fish in the streets of Ohio had me laughing all morning.  That's a town that knows how to throw a WILD party!

I'm leaving you with a photo taken in the small town of Port Clinton on the shores of Lake Erie (near where I live.) Known as the "walleye capital of the world," the citizens of Port Clinton know how to party on New Year's Eve. Times Square has their ball drop at midnight...well, the people of Port Clinton drop a giant fiberglass walleye fish from the sky!

Photo Courtesy: Bill Gordon,

Speaking of WILD, yesterday afternoon, my husband came into the house to get the camera, saying "Did you notice that the birds are silent?"  He raises finches and love birds in 6 big aviaries in the back yard, so to have them silent is a sure sign that a hawk is in the yard.
Sure enough, a little hawk was perched above one of the cages.  He took pictures of a hawk v.s. squirrel throwdown that definitely had me rooting for the hawk (squirrels eat from our fruit trees, and garden to the point that we have almost given up.)

Then again this morning, the little hawk was hiding in the trees above the cages.  Patient as a.....hawk.

 Hummingbird flies by above the top wire. What is she thinking?!
Another little bird perches way too close by.  What is she thinking?! Beautiful morning though!
A few years back we had our backyard certified as a National Wildlife Habitat, and now proudly feature the sign amid flowers and critters.It used to be a difficult process, but they have it online now so it really is a snap.  What a great excuse reason for your yard to look a little wild at times, plus it reminds you to watch out and protect the simple wildlife that needs to survive in our otherwise "city" yards.
It is gratifying to see the butterflies, birds, squirrels (not really....we do not appreciate these rats with tails that hijack our vegetables and fruits, but I digress) and seasonal flowers and fauna.

A Certified Wildlife Habitat is a place that welcomes birds, butterflies and other local wildlife. All you need to do is provide the four elements animals need most: food, water, shelter and places to raise young.

From my wild life to yours!

The Praying Mantis by Ogden Nash
From whence arrived the praying mantis?
From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
glimpse the grin, green metal mug
at masks the pseudo-saintly bug,
Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us.


Our latest aquisition: 2 Amercaunas and 2 Plymouth Rock Chickens.
Please consider joining the National Wildlife Federation, for a New Year's Resolution that is easy to keep!

Happy 2012, and may your life and yard be ever wild!


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  1. Hi, CJ/Cathy/Cathy Jo/Fellow Ohiooan :) How awesome to have your yard as a certified wildlife habitat! Your photography is wonderful--I've never been able to get a good picture of hummingbirds! I'm following you now; I hope you'll follow back so we can stay connected. ~Zuni


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